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Badgers ‘moved goalposts’ says minister

October 9, 2013


BBC story here.



Earth Day ambivalence

April 22, 2013

Never quite know what to make of Earth Day.

Eyebrows would be raised if the International Space Station had an annual “CO2 Scrubber Day” or submarine crews celebrated “Pressure Hull Week” every April.

I should say, I have a general disquiet about the whole concept of annual awareness time intervals. I’m certainly not against the idea for every good cause, but often they trivialise the thing they’re trying to promote. Not saying they don’t work, but somehow Earth Day, like Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, has a touch of absurdity and mild desperation.

More linked reviews: Horizon ‘The Truth about Fat’ and ‘The Energy Glut’ by Ian Roberts

March 23, 2012

The Horizon programme, screened a couple of nights ago, promised to reveal the ‘surprising truth’ about what causes obesity, and ‘how to fight the fat epidemic’. Recently I read a book by ¬†an epidemiology professor called Ian Roberts, “The Energy Glut”, which tackles similar questions, so I was interested to see whether the answers would match.

The short answer is: they don’t.