I’m a UK-based medical doctor with a growing interest in the geosciences. I’ll use this website to post my thoughts on the intersection between human health and the Earth sciences. And maybe some unrelated ramblings.

Also, see this post.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Pranab Says:

    That’s an interesting combination, I must say! 🙂

  2. Aubrey Meyer (@aubreygci) Says:

    What is your name?

    • Matt Says:

      At first I had some concerns over using my real name as a practising doctor… which I feel are probably no longer justified. I’ve been mulling over abandoning anonymity for a few months now— but I get so few readers, at the moment it really makes no difference. The blog remains mostly a jotting pad for my own thoughts. I change my mind frequently, most posts are written in haste and I’d want to spend more time and effort over work which has my real name attached— time and effort which is probably not justified with such a low readership.

      In the meantime, anyone can email me on “m e w castle @ ymail.com” (removing gaps). I’ll find your message amongst the junk and reply at some point.

  3. Chris Klinger Says:

    Very interesting site. I too am a medical doctor (A&E) but with a broader interest in issues such as the natural world. I was looking up the Harmattan Wind which I learned about while doing the DTM&H and came across your blog by accident.

    It’s very informative, well-written and the links are really useful.

    I hope you keep it up!

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