Badgers ‘moved goalposts’ says minister


BBC story here.

I don’t have strong feelings about badger culling. Bemusement and mild exasperation at the reflex reaction of emotional ‘antis’ is pretty evenly balanced by the sneaking suspicion that the evidence actually supports their position. A society that freely accepts both animal and human roadkill and is not averse to wholesale animal slaughter for food purposes shouldn’t hesitate to implement a badger cull if the evidence justifies its use in reducing bovine TB and safeguarding farmers’ livelihoods. But perhaps it doesn’t.

(I haven’t looked into it closely, but one of the two well known Mays who have spoken out against badger culling happens to be a Copley Medal-winning population biologist— as far as I know, unrelated to the other one. Also, there’s this.)

Mostly, it all seems a bit ridiculous and overblown. As indicated by the title of that BBC piece.

On the subject of silliness and badgers:

Harry Hill’s Space Station Badger


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