I can’t predict a riot (with pictures)

Supposed to be at work now. But my place of work has closed for the afternoon, because of riots or somesuch. I turned up and the health centre doors were firmly barred, the car park empty. I’m not sure this sends out a good signal.

Anyway, I thought I’d nip out for some bread and milk. But the local cornershop is closed up. There are police and PCSOs everywhere. The supermarket was open but here is the bread aisle:

What a mad day.

And I’ve been well away from the worst of it. This is not Tottenham, Brixton, or Hackney. It’s actually quite a nice part of suburban, outer London.

So why is this happening?

Irresponsible, criminal behaviour of course.

But why?

A lot of these rioters are just kids. “Where were the parents?” is a rhetorical question I’ve already heard several times today. Philip Larkin understood. So too the Nazca boobies:

None of that is in any way inconsistent with this:

[clickable] More here:

Throw in a real lack of this:

And it’s hard to see how the global context of the last three years or so can be entirely unconnected:

The shooting in Tottenham last week was just the trigger. It all makes sort-of sense, but it’s still difficult to see how anyone could have anticipated the events of the last few days. And what’s worse, I suspect there are other problems we don’t yet know we’ve even got.

Post title inspiration, of course, here.


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