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Malaria news

May 31, 2010

Artemisia annua

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Mossworld: catastrophe and renewal in a coffee jug

May 10, 2010

Three years ago I made a DIY ecosphere. This involves selecting various living organisms, sealing them up in an entirely self-contained system, and seeing how they get on. Only light can get in.

The inspiration for the idea was here and here.

In my case, the system included the following components:

  • coffee jug
  • glass lid
  • bathroom sealant
  • handful of gravel
  • handful of soil
  • moss and attached peat
  • large decorative stone (flint)
  • liverwort
  • flowering plant seeds
  • some woodlice
  • small centipede
  • numerous microorganisms

This is what happened next, with pictures.