Worldmapper selection

Worldmapper has moved on a lot since I last looked — which was at least a couple of years ago. These are the cartograms which “re-size each territory according to the variable being mapped”. There’s now a huge selection of maps and a handful of animations. Here are a few good ‘uns. You need to have at least a rough mental idea of these two maps (land area and population) to make sense of the others:

Land area

Total population

© Copyright 2006 SASI Group (University of Sheffield) and Mark Newman (University of Michigan). Same goes for all maps below the fold.

I’ll resist the temptation to provide commentary, as most of these speak for themselves.

Environment and resources:

Water resources

Crude petroleum exports


Ecological footprint

Human Health and Development:

Human Development Index

Often preventable deaths

Malaria deaths

Rabies deaths

Meningitis deaths

(OK, showing my travel medicine interest a little with those last three maps. The meningitis map is interesting, given my recent post on the African meningitis belt; while there is some epidemic meningitis in India, presumably the population difference means a larger absolute number of cases on the subcontinent, and greater prominence on the cartogram.)

There’s lots, lots more on the website.

But perhaps the bestest thing of all is the “age-of-death” animation: a pretty much all-in-one visual summary of the global health situation.

Infant mortality in Africa and Indian subcontinent… Toll of HIV on young adults in sub-Saharan Africa… The ageing populations of the developed world…

Awesome, if a little slow.

Unfortunately it seems that wordpress won’t let me insert a flash file directly into this post. So here’s a link.


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