Haiti— there was a tsunami?

The BBC says so:

Localised, but 3-metre waves and three deaths. Generally wouldn’t expect this from a magnitude 7.0 earthquake with an onshore epicentre, but the quake was close enough to a sufficiently steep submarine ridge to set off some ‘local landslides’.

The audio clip on the BBC page has more detail.

Of course not very significant compared to the onshore devastation and loss of life, but at least it provided a good test for the Noaa’s DART tsunami warning system. It also revealed a worrying— but presumably remediable— lack of tsunami awareness in some of the local population, who were busy taking pictures rather than getting out of the way.

And following on from the 2004 Indian Ocean Boxing Day earthquake, it might act as a reminder that major tsunamis have happened in the Caribbean before and might (or might not) happen again.


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